11 Positive Impacts 5G Will Have On Business

5G remains a work in progress, but it’s getting closer to completion. Some are forecasting the network’s arrival as soon as 2020. The functionality of the system, once operational, will be remarkable, far outstripping speeds of previous networks. Forbes recently outlined 11 ways 5G will aid your business:

1. Older Tech Will Become More Mainstream

5G will directly enable 4G to be widely adopted across the globe and especially hitting developing countries, which will be great for SaaS companies that offer products built for small businesses.

2. There Will Be More Face-To-Face, Real-Time Virtual Interactions With Our Customers

On the business development front, there will be new ways to virtually meet with clients, prospects, and providers. It could also help distribute powerful, original video content for training employees.

3. 5G Parameters Portend Greater Branch Synergy

As a company reliant on cloud-based services for seamless data transfer between member branches and partners, faster connectivity and lower latency translates to increased productivity.

4. Everything Will Be More Connected and Efficient

With faster data speeds, low latency, and a more connected world, business will become more efficient than ever before once 5G is a reality.

5. More People Will Move to Cloud-Based Software

Faster internet speeds lower the cost of innovation. We’ll see more people move from downloaded accounting software to cloud-based applications.

6. Better Video Conferences Mean Happier Remote Staff

With multiplied bandwidth, significant improvements in latency, and MIMO technologies, we should see the quality of service in video conferences improve as well. This means happier remote workers, less value in co-location of teams, and much better remote learning.

7. 5G Will Bring About Changes In The Way Media Is Consumed

Our business will see increased consumption of more video and higher-quality image content, our mobile applications will increase in complexity and sophistication, and our customers will ultimately be a part of a more immersive interactive experience.

8. Network Will Make Remote Events Easier

Hosting company SiteGround was able to have a three-day team meet up high in mountains thanks to 4G. Now with 5G, we can organize even more remote events.

9. CEOs Can Recruit The Best Talent, No Matter Where They Live

5G removes barriers, so employees can effectively work anywhere. This offers a huge opportunity to hire the best talent no matter where they are located, and it allows companies to build and maintain offices in attractive regions.

10. It Will Be a Boon For The IoT Industry

Embedded chips will provide real-time information on where a package is at all times. Retailers could implement predictive shipping and route packages en route. Assembly lines, shipping, and order management systems would communicate with one another to reduce the need for inventory planners.

11. Speed Will Help Push Toward Distributed AI

5G will allow better integration of users with all systems, simply because the connections are so much faster. 5G will open as many doors for AI as 4G/LTE did for video on mobile.

The Rundown On 5G

Mobile carriers will use 5G to gain business customers in your service area.  It’s time to create a plan to design services that delight your customers and exceed their expectations.  We can help! Give us a call 303-678-1844 or drop us a note at hello@roninpbr.com.