5 Things to Know About DDoS

Distributed Denial of Service attacks are increasing in size and power. We have been watching the growth of DDoS attacks for the last year, and we’ve compiled a list of important things to know about DDoS.

1. The gaming industry is the most frequently targeted industry by denial of service attacks worldwide, making up 57% of attacks.

2. Smart refrigerators, TVs, tea kettles, and power outlets can leak your unencrypted data. There are millions of poorly secured IoT smart devices with bad default passwords or no security at all.

3. DDoS attacks can comprise up to 10% of a country’s total Internet traffic according to Cisco

4. The largest DDoS attack the Internet has ever seen was a 1TBps attack on OVH hosting

5. Twitter is not immune to DDoS attacks. Its servers were offline for 30 minutes in November 2016 and Wikileaks reported it as a DDoS attack.