Are Your EconDev Sites Digital Ready?

Digital transformation is a driving force among companies today. Companies need to leverage digital infrastructure and “connectivity” so they can enable new business models and compete in the new global economy. As companies evaluate sites for new locations, the digital infrastructure of the location will play a critical role in the decision on where to locate the business. Across the country, the digital factory initiatives that are generating incredible business outcomes all have a common denominator; they all have a digital-ready infrastructure.

What is digital-ready infrastructure? Simply put it’s infrastructure that can deliver the communications capabilities today’s businesses and factories require.

Digital-ready infrastructure has 3 key ingredients:

  • Fiber based networks which enable broadband services
  • Broadband services: internet access, unified communications, Ethernet transport
  • Connectivity to regional datacenters, which gives the business the ability to utilize cloud services of the corporation

Does your community have the digital-ready infrastructure to attract companies?

Have you been passed over because you don’t have this infrastructure or a plan to create it?

Do your economic development teams have the information they need to accurately depict the broadband capabilities of your community?

Regardless of where you are in the process, Ronin can help. Call us today and let us help lay out the plan for your digital transformation and help you attract the companies and jobs your community needs.