Big Data, Farming, and the Need For Connectivity

The world’s growing population is putting a strain on agricultural systems.  It is affecting the world’s capacity to produce sustainable food sources for everyone.

Perhaps you’re wondering what this has to do with #broadband…

 In many rural areas agriculture is a key economic driver. A farmer with connectivity is enabled to utilize precision agriculture techniques, which seek to increase farming efficiency by applying GPS and computer applications to agricultural practices. Precision agriculture techniques are important; they boost the productivity of the farm, make the farm more efficient, and increase the farm’s environmental sustainability.

Moving massive amounts of data presents challenges to digital infrastructure, which is where connectivity comes in. These connected farms will be more efficient, have a higher yield, and be positioned to solve the upcoming global food source challenges. By providing reliable broadband services to local farms and agricultural businesses, a service provider can have a positive impact on the local and global economies.

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