Broadband is a Necessity for EconDev

A robust broadband infrastructure is a compelling differentiator for economic development teams. Today’s business applications require high-speed connectivity including Internet access and services supported by a fiber network.

Communities with good broadband infrastructure can support traditional office workers as well as digital workers. Digital workers are employees that work from home and require services like high-speed internet access and unified communications to carry out their jobs. You want these digital workers in your community for economic development; 75% of employees who work from home earn over $65,000 a year, meaning they make more and spend more than the average office worker.

Fast wi-fi allows for telehealth, or meeting with a doctor remotely from your home, as well as improves education due to distance learning. Distance learning allows students to take classes all over the world and go on virtual field trips. Much of the homework students receive today requires an internet connection as well.

So compelling is the web as a business resource that modern commerce simply cannot function without it. Not only will companies find themselves at a competitive disadvantage without broadband, but communities that fail to invest in their digital infrastructure may discover that their economic development initiatives are destined for a similar fate.

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