CES and Broadband

CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, is an annual trade show organized by the CTA, or Consumer Technology Association. In 2019 it will be held January 8-11 in Las Vegas. Many of the show’s featured applications rely heavily on reliable broadband, and we would like to mention some presentations you don’t want to miss.

1. Technology to Feed the World

Agriculture today faces the challenge of producing more food to feed a growing population with a smaller labor force. Learn about AgTech and how it is revolutionizing farming.

Speakers: Susan McPherson (McPherson Strategies, LLC), John Friedman (Freight Farms), Dr. Laura Kliman (Impossible Foods), Brigid McDermott (IBM Food Trust), and Carl Vause (Soft Robotics)

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2. Gaming: The Killer AR/VR/MR App

Gaming is the ultimate immersive market opportunity. The breakthrough of Pokemon Go, single player VR immersive experiences, and all the new platforms proves this. Games will be a huge bandwidth driver in the future.

Speakers: Dr. Ariella Lehrer (HitPoint Studios), Anthony Borquez (Grab), Guy Costantini (Skydance Media), Don Daglow (Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Foundation), Greg Potter (S&P Global Market Intelligence), and Jenna Seiden (Lumo Labs)

3. eSports: Powered by Technology

It has been predicted that eSports will grow into a billion-dollar industry in 2019. Technology is integral to the entire experience for athletes, teams, sponsors, and fans. Key thought and technology business leaders are propelling this industry forward, leveraging top eSports athletes to compete for big dollars on a global stage. For network operators, eSports can be a catalyst for DDoS attacks

Speaker: Kendra Johnson (Twitch) – moderator

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4. Technology, Jobs, and the Future of Work

Technology and broadband are augmenting the workplace and reshaping the work we do today and tomorrow. The use of artificial intelligence, blockchain, AR/VR, automation and other technologies is growing, creating new jobs and a greater demand for skilled workers.

Speakers: Jennifer Taylor (CTA), Charlie Ackerman (Bosch), Bonnie Lee (Allstate), and Monica Lucero (TeamPeople)

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