Charter Surpasses Verizon For 3rd Place in U.S. Carrier Ethernet Ranking

          Charter’s acquisition of Time Warner Cable and bright House pushed them ahead of Verizon in Vertical Systems Group’s latest U.S. Carrier Ethernet Leaderboard results. Charter is now the third largest cable provider of retail Ethernet services. Because this list is mainly comprised of traditional data service providers such as Level3, XO, Windsteam, and CenturyLink, who have a developed product set and effective salesforce that is active in the market, it’s a huge deal to see Charter moving up in the ranks.

          Charter isn’t the largest cable provider but clearly they are the most nimble in terms of reacting to what the market needs. This is the power of a product development team and focus that drives the creation of a standard service across a footprint, no matter how large or small. Cable companies have a network that is more suited in terms of capacity (10M to 100M Ethernet) than traditional wireline telcos who are limited with legacy low capacity networks. A company like Charter will continue to see growth as they have a large coverage area and are first to market.