Digital Transformation: The Secret For Service Providers

Digital Transformation matters because larger service providers are already making the shift. They have significant capital and will be able to provide a full suite of services to your customers and make your business relevant. New technologies such as 5G and SDWAN will enable providers to reach customers within your service area. These providers have complete wireless and wireline offerings: Internet, voice, video, and wireless—all integrated and working together seamlessly.

Digital transformation isn’t just about investing capital into software platforms and automation., but it’s also about enabling human capital. Here’s a checklist of things to consider:

Work smarter, not harder
– For new requests, do you have a standard offering or is it all ICB?
– How are you measuring your sales, marketing, and support?
– Do you use a CRM like salesforce? How many groups within the company use it?
Focus on the customer
– Do you differentiate your business and residential brands? If so, how? (support, services, pricing?)
– Do you have different service offerings for different types of customers?
– Have you created different marketing messages or branding for customer types?
– When was the last time you rolled out a new product? (changing pricing doesn’t count)
– What services are you developing in the coming year?
– What new markets can you expand into?

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