Get your network on a map and on the map

It’s critical to gather as much data as you can about your network – where it is, how to access it, what services are available at locations along the route, and what the inventory is. Mapping isn’t just about the showing the where the network is; it’s about getting the data that makes up your network in a form that can be changed/updated/utilized in near real time.

If you’re in the planning and market demand phase, there are some great tools such as COS Systems and CrowdFiber. These tools give you the ability to profitably design, deploy, and manage networks.

Once the network is built, or as you are moving toward serving customers, the visual map is a great way for various internal groups to “see the data.” Customer service can identify trouble tickets and areas affected, sales and marketing can see the revenue potential to determine what services can be sold, and workforce management tools give you visibility into where your resources are and where they need to be. One of the best on the market is MapCom because it will provide the visibility, but more importantly, is designed to integrate with your other back office systems.

Once the network data is in a map format, the next critical step is presenting that to the outside world. There are companies who have customers that are looking to connect to locations inside your footprint. Some companies give you the ability to load your network maps onto theirs, but most have a standardized format in which they want to see the data. By presenting your network to other carriers you get opportunities that you didn’t know existed.

Regardless of where you are in terms of mapping, planning, or interconnecting networks, give us a call and we’d love the chance to discuss how we can help.