Getting the most out of your fiber network

Whether you’ve built a fiber network or are in the planning or deployment stage, it’s never too late to be thinking about how to get a better return on the capital investment.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Offer more than just internet access: Customers want voice, video services, wifi, and a host of other connectivity options.
  • Focus on business services: Empowering your local business community will go the furthest in terms of economic impact and ROI. Small businesses today are looking not only for internet access, but also for services such as Unified Communications or UCaaS, managed wifi, and access to offsite storage and servers.
  • Partner to get the national accounts: If you have national consumer chains along your network with brands such as Hyatt, Hampton Inn, Walmart, Home Depot, or Walgreens, and, most importantly, if you have cell towers, then it’s time to partner with the companies that have contracts to serve those locations and customers. Some pie is better than no pie.
  • Interconnection: Setup your network so you can interact or interconnect with other providers. Some are providers you know about today, and some are emerging companies. This gives you more opportunity to buy and sell services.
  • Get your network map on the map: Get a system that shows where you have networks and what services are available. There are several good ones; we recommend a hosted version. Then, you’ll need to get that data out to the bigger world so they can find ways to buy from you.

If you’re unsure about how to get started, please reach out. We’d love the chance to discuss how we can help.

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