How to lose subscribers but beat earnings estimates in 3 steps

Recently Comcast exceeded their earnings estimates while losing a record number of video subscribers.  Why is this important?  They’ve got a plan and roadmap on how they look at the services they’re delivering and the services their customers are looking for. 

  1. Move away from low value services – Whether it’s traditional cable TV, regular home phone service, or sub 25Mbps internet access, in today’s market consumers are looking for value.   
  2. Identify your high value services.  These are the services that delight customers – more speed, greater capacity, and new features, and ultimately the customer has more capabilities. For Comcast, their high value service is broadband. 
  3. Diversify with complimentary services.  Broadband isn’t just internet access, it is an enabler of higher margin services such as ethernet WAN, unified communications, and SDWAN.   

Some questions to think about: 

  • Are you seeing a decline in margin and/or subscribers? 
  • Are you looking to add value to your current services? 
  • Are your business services different than your residential services?  
  • Want to know how to get more margin out of your existing network? 

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