If Google built a city, it might look like this


A Google City might be somewhere in the Midwest.

WiFi hotspots might be widespread across the city, offering a free and public alternative to broadband internet use.

The rise of self-driving vehicles could make speed limits and traffic lights obsolete.

Ride-sharing programs might lead to fewer cars on the road and eliminate the need for parking garages.

Facial recognition technology could make security as simple as taking a picture.

Public ads powered by big data might personalize billboards and posters to your interests.

Energy sources would be entirely renewable, as wind and solar eliminate the need for fossil fuels.

Farmers could get real-time updates on soil health and moisture levels, yielding richer growing seasons.

Schools might be densely connected webs of collaboration between students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

Public transportation would allow for real-time updates on delays, traffic jams, and ridership volume.

Health care might be highly patient-centric thanks to comprehensive health records that can be shared between hospitals.