Looking For Customers?


There are some common challenges when it comes to finding and engaging customers for communications services. Out of date or inaccurate contact information is a principal issue, and Do Not Call violations come with a hefty fine. Also, the traditional methods of direct mail, billboards, and TV ads don’t really give you a way to know if they’re working and who is watching. It’s very likely that potential customers in your markets don’t realize all the services you offer or the contributions you make towards the community.

ICYMI: If you don’t have a Facebook page you maintain, an unofficial Facebook page can be created for your business. It appears to be a legitimate page for your company but it wasn’t created by you, it contains incorrect information, and it’s usually a gathering place for people to trash your company.

Ronin is here to help. What we do is create a strong online presence, engage your customers in the areas you serve, increase customer awareness of what you offer, and generate qualified leads, increase revenue, and reduce churn.


  • We’ve been in your shoes– Our experienced team has built, sold and supported communications services.  We understand how your services fit with customer needs and expectations, and what it takes to deliver them.
  • We believe in authenticity– Our team spends time listening and engaging with customers and prospects.  Anyone can generate web traffic or followers. We help you start meaningful discussions and build long term relationships with customers in your area.
  • We measure– We’ll give you regular reports that let you know how we’re performing.  You’ll know who is interacting, how often, and what content is popular.

Drop us a note hello@roninpbr.com or give us a shout 303.678.1844 and let’s start a conversation