Recent FCC Muni Broadband Ruling Giving You the Blues? We Can Help!

A new report finds that laws prohibit or restrict municipal broadband networks in over 20 states. The reason for the restrictions against broadband varies by state, but many of the states claim government broadband networks should not compete with private providers. This is because government networks would have significant advantages like rights of way and public financing.

Other states view broadband as a high-risk endeavor. However, most states have come to the realization that broadband connectivity is necessary for a good quality of life in today’s society. Broadband helps you do much more than watch Netflix; it facilitates telehealth, distance learning, home security systems, and things like paying bills and doing homework online. Limiting access does nothing but limit people’s chances of succeeding in modern society.

What the laws don’t state is that a municipality or electric utilities company can’t help or partner to create networks. They simply can’t do it with taxpayer dollars. Ronin can help consult with you on network feasibility as well as building, planning, and running the network after the fact.

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