Smart Infrastructure Logical Top Priority for IoT

One issue that all political parties are able to agree on is the need for improvements of the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. Infrastructure in this instance is referring to roads, bridges, and broadband. Experts argue that the Internet of things is perfectly suited to the needs of a new information-based infrastructure. It can improve maintenance for things like bridges through built-in sensors that constantly monitor conditions.

Global economist Jeffrey Sachs argues for a long-term smart infrastructure initiative. He believes we need a plan based on three priorities to cope with our current national and global challenges. First, the infrastructure should be smart, deploying state-of-the-art information and communications technologies. Second, the infrastructure should be shared and accessible to all, whether as shared vehicles, open-access broadband in public areas, or shared green spaces in cities. Third, transport infrastructure should promote public health and environmental safety. The IoT, particularly because of its ability to let us share real-time data that, in turn, can regulate the infrastructure, is ideally suited to this challenge. It’s time for Congress to not only spend on infrastructure but to do so wisely.

The result will be not only the infrastructure we need, but also a more robust IoT industry in general.