So Your Community Wants Broadband. What’s Next?

A project team in a community needs to develop a strategic plan for broadband as they would any other critical utility. Without a defined plan, the community’s connectivity will be driven by the incumbents and how they perceive the network should grow. A community focused plan should be based on the service requirements for residential, commercial, and Community Anchor Institutions (CAIs).

Instead of focusing on something like healthcare delivery first and then other goals over time, communities should take into account multiple goals because the service set is the same. If you look at City/County government, K-12 schools, higher ed (branch locations) and healthcare they all have a need to connect their locations for data exchange.  The same fiber network or broadband infrastructure can support a standard service to connect these different organizations. By taking into account the connectivity demands of these CAI’s, a community can develop a business plan that delivers a faster ROI.

In the current political climate, it’s difficult to determine what public funds will be available, but there are always private investment dollars. This is where the strategic broadband plan comes into place. If a community can outline the long-term broadband goals and capabilities the community needs, then they are in a much better position for 3P arrangements, as well as getting incumbent providers to upgrade their existing services.   

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