Imagine the impact broadband infrastructure can have on your community. It can help grow local businesses, connect schools, create jobs & job training, and improve economic development. Whether you are planning broadband infrastructure to support your own operations or offer broadband services to your communities, we can help you meet your goals.

Do you need broadband to enable applications such as SCADA, smart grid or sensors?

Ronin can help you:
• Develop broadband infrastructure feasibility studies
• Create sustainable models for offering broadband services
• Provide sources of grants and funding
• Design and engineer broadband infrastructure and services

Municipalities & Communities

With reliable broadband infrastructure you could empower schools, create and retain jobs, and drive economic growth. We can help you achieve your goals.

What kinds of public private partnerships could be created?

Questions we can help you answer:
• What would it take to improve the broadband infrastructure in my community?
• Why kinds of funding and financing options are available for projects like this?
• How can we use broadband to enable smart grid and smart city applications?

We can help:
• Create broadband feasibility studies
• Identify and provide sources of grants and funding
• Develop sustainable business models for offering broadband services
• Design and engineer the services that utilize the fiber network.
• Develop 3P – Public Private Partnerships