Tidying Up – Spring Cleaning Your Network to Add Joy

It’s that time of year when many people have the “urge to purge” and jump into spring cleaning mode.  Maybe you’re caught up in the Marie Kondo craze that’s sweeping homes and closets across the country. If Marie Kondo has taught us anything, it’s keep only the things that delight us and stop hanging on to the things that don’t.

For network operators, tidying up and choosing joy means:  reducing your network costs, increasing network capabilities, streamlining your contact to cash workflow, and creating more value for your organization.

Here are a few spring cleaning questions and tips to consider:

  • Declutter your vendors: Take a hard look at the mix of your vendors.  How many do you have? Is it the right mix for your business? What products are you buying, and at what prices? Are you competitive? What does your maintenance and repair process look like? How do you interact with your vendors? Are you losing money through customer credits and churn due to less than optimal practices?
  • Delight your customers: The way your organization customers can be a competitive advantage or put you at a disadvantage. How effective and efficient is your process? What’s the average time it takes to quote a solution? What’s your win rate?  How many custom proposals and RFP does your team respond to?
  • Match lost socks: Are you regularly matching your network costs to your revenue, inventory, and CRM data? Matching these lost socks can provide valuable business intelligence into how your organization can be more efficient.

The challenge is that network costs are often variable and complex, and most companies are not sufficiently staffed to handle a deep “spring cleaning” of a network. With Ronin Technology Advisors, you can leverage leading experts who understand your business from contact to cash.  We can do a thorough audit and provide bottom line recommendations to your people, processes, and systems in a short time. Then you can get back to running your newly cleaned network!

About the author: Ford Fay is a high energy telecommunications executive with a 25+ year successful track record of extraordinary achievement in telecommunications cost savings through an integrated approach to the cost life cycle: procurement, vendor selection, contract negotiations, carrier management, provisioning, access/network planning & optimization, vendor performance, facility cost auditing and disputes. Contact him via email ford@roninpbr.com or 303.250.4021.    

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