The Best of CES2018

A leading trend at this year’s CES was the use of voice assistants. Voice assistants are likely to become a leading commerce platform in which businesses are able to connect with customers. 24% of 5,000 people surveyed across 4 countries stated they would prefer to use a voice assistant than a website, and this number is expected to grow over the next few years.

Speaking of the Internet of Things, Samsung is going all in on IoT. Samsung confirmed all their products will be IoT-compatible by 2020. 90% already are as of today. So what does this mean for users? Well, it depends on what Samsung appliances they own. One example is buying a new Samsung TV; people who do will no longer have to worry about entering usernames or passwords for services like Netflix and Spotify when they initially set up their TVs. That information will be automatically entered into the TV by checking other systems in which the customer has logged in, making it a more seamless experience. The TV also includes Bixby, a voice assistant, and will be able to double as a central hub for smart products all around the home, letting users do everything from see who is at the front door to adjust the thermostat.

Also working towards a seamless experience is Verizon. At CES 2018, Verizon announced it is working on a couple of new services: the carrier is planning an over-the-top (OTT) content offering and a connected home product, a platform for residential customers to help managed things like smart lights, heating, and alarm systems.

In the bigger picture, everything is about smart cities. They will influence growth, transportation, cities and towns, industry, and our planet. Smart cities encompass IoT, 5G connectivity, transportation and smart automotive, energy and utilities, health and public safety, artificial intelligence, and data analytics. Anticipated global smart cities spending by 2020 is $34 billion.

Service providers should keep in mind the continued trend for more devices, more bandwidth, and the need for a wifi broadband service that can keep up with the demand. Give us a call today at (303)-678-1844.

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