The Rise of Music Streaming (And What It Means For Networks)

Nielsen recently released their 2016 U.S. Music Mid-Year Report. Audio streaming is now the leading format (over video) with 54% of all streaming. Including music videos, Americans streamed 209 billion songs from January through June. Other market segments, such as CDs and digital albums, declined by 12% and 18% respectively. Digital track sales fell a whopping 24%, with vinyl sales seeing a significant increase in popularity.  Adoption rates of streaming music is an application driving network usage.  Audio streaming is made possible through broadband alone, and many, if not most, Americans depend on it for entertainment and basic necessity.

Bluetooth headphones, as opposed to regular wired headphones, are increasing in popularity. Last year 54% of dollar sales of headphones were for Bluetooth compatible headphones. There are many companies creating wireless speakers and headphones, but one of our favorites is Sonos. A Sonos Compact Smart Speaker for streaming music would run you about $190.00 on Amazon.