Why Wi-Fi For the Small Biz?

      As ubiquitous as Wi-Fi is, it’s important for service providers to see the full range of benefits their SMB customers can get from Wi-Fi. Offering Wi-Fi to an SMB base helps them be more successful, in turn helping the service provider be more successful. While it may seem like a luxury only larger businesses would need, Wi-Fi has become such a necessary part of everyday life for most Americans that having Wi-Fi access is one of the biggest attractors of potential customers. When a business—regardless of its size—offers free WiFi, it necessarily attracts new customers and keeps customers on the premises longer; additionally, there is a good chance the employees will provide better service with the tools Wi-Fi makes possible.
           To illustrate, Comcast released a report in 2014 that stated that offering free Wi-Fi is better at keeping customers happy than conveniences like candy, water, or magazines. 65% of entrepreneurs and small business IT decision makers who were interviewed report that having Wi-Fi has encouraged repeat business, and 55% say it has brought in new customers. Beyond the customers, 93% of those interviewed believe that Wi-Fi enhances employees’ productivity for purposes such as tracking inventory. Wi-Fi for the SMB is only logical if the business intends on continuing to grow and evolve in the competitive economy.
           Deep Blue Communications generated a list of ten ways retailers can benefit from in-store Wi-Fi. Among the listed benefits are the ability to capture demographics and target customers, personalization for the customers through targeted ads and tracking customers’ purchases, and improved inventory management. More specifically, there are already innumerable apps that greatly improve the functionality of businesses with WiFi, such as Aireus and Lightspeed POS. Both Aireus and Lightspeed POS are point of sale services that offer new, affordable, and mobile ways to enhance businesses and help them adapt to the digital age. These products are exciting for customers and extremely easy to use, making the businesses notably more successful.
           The bottom line is that if you are a service provider, you will eventually need to provide Wi-Fi in order to keep up with the changing world around us. If you’re looking to add Wi-Fi to your product set or tune up your core IP network to offer more bandwidth and would like some guidance, give us a call or comment/message/email us. Ronin is here to help you make the most of your business.

If you prefer, we’ve also created an infographic of this information.